November 12, 2017

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Embrace Your Dreams

November 12, 2017


Living a purposeful life is essential to success. Many people cuddle success without being intentional. Embracing dreams can help you live a happy, fulfilled, and intentional life; embracing dreams bring you a step closer to success.


Since dreams are birth within us, I am sure some of you are waiting to manifest your short-term/long-term goals. We have such great things bundled-up within us, but at times we struggle with embarking on purpose. Why? Are we afraid of change? Has success joined the impossible team? If you are feeling some kind of way about success, remember you are not alone. At some point in our lives, I personally feel some of us have traveled the road of apprehensiveness.


Right now, I want to guide you towards a practical approach to embracing the inevitable- Your Dreams!


4 Ways to Embrace Your Dreams


1. Let Go of Your Past


I hear you, yes I am listening. While having coffee and conversations about the "Coulds-Shoulds-Woulds” you are allowing your dream to fade away. LET IT GO! Some of you are talking about an old tainted relationship that was mentally and physically abusive. It’s time to live in the now and let it go!


As you forward move towards success you might notice family members who are not up for the celebration. Please don’t allow their negative responses throw you off course. As you soar with eagles, you will leave some friends and family members chilling with chickens. Remember, some people were never intended to travel this success journey with you. So, LET GO OF THE PAST and embrace your dreams!


2. Align Your Mind, Body, and Soul


The human mind is like a Nikon camera, it is consistently snapping memorable events-some good, some bad. The goal is to minimize negative energy and keep your mind, body, and soul in harmony. You can align your psyche from numerous activities such as:

  • joining a religious group

  • meditating

  • guided imagery

  • Yoga 

  • listening to smooth jazz or inspirational music (instrumental version)

  • exercising

  • journaling

  • scheduling a pampering day (mani/pedi/massage) without a book or cell phone.

Creating inner harmony will help you reach your dreams and live with purpose.


3. Live in the Here-and-Now


Focus on what you can do right now in your life. Living in the here-and-now allows us to appreciate mindfulness (intentional focus on the present). I’ve come to notice that most people cannot live their dreams because they are too attached to uncontrollable life events. Unfortunately, living in the past prevents people from enjoying life and prohibits them from living in the moment. As gospel song writer Kirk Franklin wrote, “Do you wanna be happy?” If the answer is yes, allow the past and future to become a figment of the imagination. Take a stance to live in the here-and-now and watch your dreams come to fruition.


4. Shift Your Thinking 


Don't allow a "deferred dream" become your story; let a vivid dream become your destiny! Make a lasting change by shifting your mindset from mediocre to EXTRAORDINARY. 


Holding onto your dreams might require separation from negative people and creating a circle of positive influences. It is personally rewarding to gravitate towards people who can inspire, motivate, and encourage you. The bottom-line, connect with people who are writing “deposit slips” and not seeking opportunities to use their “debit cards.” As you hold onto your dreams think CHANGE, think SUCCESS, and think BIG! It is YOURS for the taking!


Namaste (the spirit in me connects with the spirit in you),



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